Architectural Research for Exchange Students
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture
BMEEPUI0995 2016/2017 Autumn semester

We will go through a range of introductory topics of the field of psychology (mainly perceptual and environmental psychology) trying to find the intersecting points of them with the field of architecture.

We will focus on design applications of research ideas. Also we are developping a method how to use designer architects’ intuition as a tool for scientific research.

Anna Losonczi DLA

/ ArchPsy 2016

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Lecturers: Domonkos WETTSTEIN and a number of lecturers form the Department of Urban Planning and Design
Course leader: Kornélia KISSFAZEKAS
Course of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, K II 93 – www.urb.bme.hu
Classes: every second Thursday at 17.15, starting from February 18th – K 285

Short description of the course:
Hungarian cities are sculptural vestiges of the East-Central European urbanization processes from the past. The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the specific emergence and development of the Hungari-an settlement portfolio. The topic will be presented through the different historical periods of urban growth. Each era will be outlined through the historical, economic and social background, the settlement establish-ment and development factors, such as town-forming role of nationalities, religions, social stratification and Soviet influence on town planning. We will demonstrate the specific environment-forming activities and the typical Hungarian characteristics of morphology, townscape and floor plan. A one-day study trip will take place at the end of the course to get personal on-field experiences. (travel costs circa 5000 HUF)

Description and Schedule