Urban Rendezvous // Discovering Vienna // 2020-11-26 / 18.00

Affordable housing … but how? What is the developers’ competition? Is it possible in Budapest as well?

Vienna has used the concept of developers’ competition 25 years from now, which supports the implementation of innovative housing models – including cohousing. Based on the anniversary, an exhibition was organized in order to present the success stories over the past years. Of course in this pandemic circumstances, we were not able to cross the borders and check it out, so we bring now the exhibition here … just a bit differently.
We invited an expert from Vienna, who is one of the chief architects of the einszueins architektur, and has much experience in the certain field. He will make a presentation: „Affordable Housing in Vienna and the role of the developers’ competition”, which will be followed by some questions of the attendances. Moderator of the discussion: Annamária Babos.
The language of the presentation and discussion will be in ENGLISH.
MS TEAMS link: https://tinyurl.com/BME-markusZilker
More information at the Facebbok event HERE